Human Resources


SYNERGIA S.A. is a group of people with experience in administrative and technical levels especially in P/V industry.
The group of the company is composed of executives and highly trained specialists who are distinguished for their dedication, creativity and team spirit, share the vision and mission of Synergia S.A. and participate effectively in the fulfilment of high aims.

The people of Synergia S.A. consist of:

  • Technical consultants
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Financial advisors and economists
  • Legal advisors
  • Business development leaders
  • Project managers
  • Skilled in RES projects
  • Administrators
  • Communicators

For SYNERGIA S.A. significant is the alignment of human resources with the company’s strategy and corporate culture, together with the development of an environment of mutual trust and cooperation among the company and its clients.

Why Operation & Maintenance ?

Every P/ V station demands operation management by fully qualified persons. Στη "SYNERGIA S.A." fully undertakes...


Why Us ?

The people of SYNERGIA S.A. have specialized and extensive experience at managerial, technical and commercial level with...


Our programs

Our proposed programs covering Operation Management, Onsite Services , Monitoring Services and Information ...


Our Projects

Responding to the challenges of the sectors of energy and general construction with reliability and efficiency


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Fax. +30 210 4514834

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