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Energy management is a difficult issue inextricably linked to major social and political problems and thus the need to investigate methods of rational energy management is necessary.

In the context of sustainable building development and considering the needs of the current era, in order to achieve the goal of sustainability, SYNERGIA S.A. develops the following areas of action:

Autonomous Hybrid Systems

Bio climate building construction

ESCO Services

The fields of action are mutually complementary and strongly connected. The objectives of energy in building construction projects are mainly:

               1.  Minimize the Energy Track Buildings (Energy Footprint) in existing and new buildings and facilities of the tertiary sector.

               2.  Production of energy through RES such as solar, wind, etc. with hybrid systems designed according to consumption of direct energy use.

The combination of RES options in energy production and energy saving in buildings and facilities are the golden mean to lead in an era of sustainable development.


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Every P/ V station demands operation management by fully qualified persons. Στη "SYNERGIA S.A." fully undertakes...


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