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SYNERGIA Technical Consulting S.A. was founded in 2013 in Athens by executives with long – term field experience to meet the demanding requirements of today's investment in General Construction and Renewable Energy Sources.

Its main objective is the optimal execution and project management, while respecting the demanding timescales and any other special requirements and specifications. With care and responsibility meet the needs of every project and the company ensures immediate actions to identify possible issues.

The founders of SYNERGIA S.A. envisioned the creation of a company that combines experience and effectiveness in order to provide technical and administrative services of high standards. Focus on clients | investors, when demands for high level services at an internationally competitive price is an absolute necessity. The role of SYNERGIA S.A. ensures the integrity of the projects and client’s satisfaction.


Why Operation & Maintenance ?

Every P/ V station demands operation management by fully qualified persons. Στη "SYNERGIA S.A." fully undertakes...


Why Us ?

The people of SYNERGIA S.A. have specialized and extensive experience at managerial, technical and commercial level with...


Our programs

Our proposed programs covering Operation Management, Onsite Services , Monitoring Services and Information ...


Our Projects

Responding to the challenges of the sectors of energy and general construction with reliability and efficiency


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42, Amalias ave. 10558 Athens.

Tel. +30 210 4514892 

Fax. +30 210 4514834

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